B Team


Team Introduce

Team motto:

Believe in yourself, Beyond the dream!!

We always adhere that the sincerity is first and client is the highest.




Educational experience:

From 2005 to 2009, studying in Shaanxi University of Technology, major is International economy and trade, obtained the bachelor degree of Economics.


Working Experience

From 2008 to 2010, working in Best Corporation Hangzhou representative office, which the head office is in Australia, mainly for women’s jackets, shirts, dress and pants, being a merchandiser.

From 2010 till now, working in Hangzhou Kimhaie,


About myself:

Always keeping my passion and learning from others. I’m apt at the ability to solve the problems easily by ourselves, communication between client and fty, solving problem. Have a good team management and team spirit.

Working in Kimhaie 5 years, make me have a rich experience for workmanship of men’s jacket, coat, suits and fabric knowledge especially for woolen, cotton.




Educational experience:

Educated from Zhejiang Educational college, major in English Language


Working Experience:

2010-2012 work for a B2B trading platform, keep in touch with international IC buyers

Jun 2012 until now, being a merchandiser member in Kimhaie family, work with factorys, mills, accessory suppliers and foreign buyers


About myself:

As a common person, knowing success belongs to diligent human being, I always tell myself to be strong and tough.

With a positive heart, I absorb knowledge in fabric, garment workmanship and international trading .



Educational experience:

Educated from Zhejiang University of Technology, major in International economics and trade.


Working Experience:

2009-2011, Hangzhou Zhuoqun Trading Co., Ltd.  Occupation: salesman

2011-2013, Hangzhou Lifeng import & export Co., Ltd  Occupation: salesman

2013 till now, Hangzhou Kimhaie Trading Co., Ltd  Occupation: salesman


About myself:

Hard working, good at communicating, fast-learner and willing to learn, enthusiastic in work and life.

Have dealed with more than 300 different garments orders. Tried to learn from every details.

Now well know how to process a new order from the client, how to place orders to the factory, how to order accessories,

how to check some simple workmanships of garment, how to solve problems, etc.

Never fear un-know thing. The best dealing way is just to do it.

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