F Team


Team Introduce

Team motto:

The harder the more fortunate!


Independent and strong personsality,a meticulouis work.I am apt at the ability to solve the problems easily by ourselves.Communication between client and fty,solving problem.Have a good team cooperation ability working in kimhaie for many years and make me have a rich experience for workmanship of men’s jacket,coat,suits and fabric knowledge especially for woolen ,cotton.


A sunny happy girl, knowing success belongs to diligent and punctilious human being, I often tell myself to be more efforts to tougher.With a positive heart, I absorb knowledge in fabric, garment workmanship and international trading.The best dealing way is just to do it.



Be good at communicating, fast-learner and willing to learn, enthusiastic in work and life.Have dealed with different garments orders. Now well know how to process a new order from the client, how to place orders to the factory,how to checksomesimple workmanships of garment, how to solve problems, etc.Never say give up easily.



I can always keep calm and patient.With special interest and enthusiasm in cloths, I love and will always love what I’m doing about garment industry. Although I have not made great achievement ,but I believe that the harder the more fortunate. Tried to learn from every details.



 Be good at designing.Have strong ability to learn, enthusiastic in work and life.Have dealed with different planning cases. Now can accurately graps the popular trend .Imagination is very strong,do things very have my own ideas.



Dress design major,if use one color to describe myself,it is brown.Calm,warm tone,for all things that have a positive attitude.Perhanps some people think that after 90 naughty arrogance is impractical ,but we have our own ideal and faith.We will use action to prove everything.Give yourself a smile everyday and try our best to do everything well.

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