U Team


Team Introduce

Team Motto: Try our best,now and forever.

Flora Wang:  The leader of Team U,always help team menbers solve problems in working and coordinate team work.Have extensive experience of global garment trade,do well in negotiation and management.Of course familiar with garment,especially for menswear.She will lead her team try to do their job to the best ability.  

Luna Lou: A hard working girl always gives people warm,she is good at dealing with orders methodically.Takes up garment operations for many years.  

William Xu: A positive man who had been studying in UK,and he has good communication skills with customers and factory.No doubt,he's also familiar with clothing.      

Grace Duan5 years working experience,Well known all the process of garment merchandising."Be smile to my life,be thoughtful to my job"is her motto,she loves every sample on her hand,no best,but better.

Sunny Huang: Major is international ecnomic and trade,just graduated  from the university one year,a young girl with passion and enthusiasm, she wants to make more progress on the work and grow up with the company.

Roam Jiang: major in international trade but a newcomer of garment.He is adjusting himself to fitting his job.

Kiki Kong:A smart gril always gives people some golden idea to solve difficulties,she is good at customs declaration and document business.

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